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Earth Surface Dynamics Seminars

The Earth Surface Dynamics seminar series aims to bring together the broad range of researchers on Telegrafenberg looking at Earth surface processes (e.g., hydrology, geochemistry, geobiology,  geochemical/carbon cycling, geomorphology) about once a month. The aim for these talks is to be broad and accessible and to cover globally-relevant topics, so that non-experts and specialists alike can find them enlightening.

Upcoming Seminars

No new seminars available.

Past Seminars

Taking the pulse of the atmospheric water cycle

Harald Sodemann | University of Bergen

Life and the long-term stability of the biosphere

Lee R. Kump | Penn State University

Mountains, climate, and biodiversity in the Andes-Amazonian system

Carina Hoorn | University of Amsterdam

Including Societal Adaptation Dynamics in Risk Assessment Models

Jeroen Aerts | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Subducting Carbon

Terry Plank | Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

A Reduced Silicate Weathering Feedback from the World’s Largest Rivers?

Edward Tipper | University of Cambridge

Using "Bomb" Radiocarbon to Understand the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle

Susan Trumbore | Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena