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Earth Surface Dynamics Seminars

The Earth Surface Dynamics seminar series aims to bring together the broad range of researchers on Telegrafenberg looking at Earth surface processes (e.g., hydrology, geochemistry, geobiology,  geochemical/carbon cycling, geomorphology) about once a month. The aim for these talks is to be broad and accessible and to cover globally-relevant topics, so that non-experts and specialists alike can find them enlightening.

Upcoming Seminars

Radiophysical Properties of Venus Highlands

Martha Gilmore | Wesleyan University

Past Seminars

Tipping Elements, Critical Thresholds and Cascading Interactions in the Earth’s Climate System

Jonathan Donges | Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

An African Structured Metapopulation Model for Human Origins

Eleanor Scerri | Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena

Corals on Acid - Ocean Acidification Impacts on Coral Reefs

Adina Paytan | University of California, Santa Cruz

Evolutionary Biology in the Postgenomic Era

Michael Hofreiter | University of Potsdam

Exploring Landscapes and Ecosystems by Studying their Streams

James Kirchner | ETH Zürich

Latitudinal Variations in the Influence of Vegetation on Catchment Denudation

Todd Ehlers | University of Tübingen

Through the Critical Zone: How Soils Control the Terrestrial Water Cycle

Gabriel J. Bowen | University of Utah

Evolution of the Cenozoic Ocean

Nathalie Vigier | Villefranche sur Mer Oceanological Observatory