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Contributions - PhD Day 2021

Your Science Pitch

Your contribution to this year's PhD Day  is a recording of a 90 second science pitch of your research. We intentionally decided for a short presentation to emphasize the importance of the message over the quantity of your content. The audience of your pitch is the GFZ research community of your PoF IV Topic.

The pitch has mainly two aims:

  1. Create a basic understanding and catch the interest of the audience for further questions and conversations about your science
  2. Be memorable. We highly encourage you to present your science in person (to see you in your video) and be creative.

Ideally your pitch contains the following information:

  • a brief introduction of yourself
  • The research question you are trying to answer and enough background information to understand the challenge at hand
  • Your plan to tackle this questions (e.g. methods, data, tools)
  • What you would need from others for a successful collaboration

After registration the doctoral researchers will get access to a personalized nextcloud directory where she or he is asked to upload his or her science pitch by the 5th of June.

Instructional Video about the PhD Day 2021