14. PhD Day at GFZ Potsdam

The PhD Day is an annual event where all PhD students from the GFZ meet and present their current research projects, not only to their fellow PhD students, but also to all interested colleagues at GFZ and invited guests. This day is dedicated to increase the communication and net-working among all participants on a scientific and informal level.

Especially if you are going to join EGU this year (or any other major conference), the PhD day is a great opportunity to practice your respective presentation in front of a more informal audience of fellow students and within a familiar GFZ atmosphere.

Furthermore we are happy to announce that again, this years PhD Day hosts the Berlin/Brandenburg regional heat of FameLab. FameLab is one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world. If you want to know more or whish to participate at FameLab see here for more details or contact Heinrich Hecht.

When and Where?

This year's PhD Day will take place on:

Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 

at Building H (Audimax and Foyer) on the GFZ campus.



Introduction/Information talks

Introduction by Dr. Schwartze
Talk by Dr. Hüttges (Human Resources)
Talk by Prof. Dr. Merz and Prof. Dr. Weber (Liaison Lecturers)
Talk by GeoDocs
Talk by HelmholtzJuniors
Election of new GeoDocs and HelmholtzJuniors

09:30–11:00EGU talks I & PICO Presentations
09:30Nasim Karamzadeh: „Source array configuration and applications in crustal structure studies“
09:45Jianli Ma: „Potentials for Power-to-Gas based subsurface energy storage in China“
10:00Alexandra Mauerberger: „Scandinavian Lithosphere Structure derived from Ambient Noise and Surface Waves“
10:15Johanna Menges: „High sediment export from a trans-Himalayan semi-desert driven by late Holocene climate change and human impact“
10:30Jannes Münchmeyer: „Improving magnitude scale consistency through boosting tree regression and 3D source correction“
10:50[PICO] Joana MacLean: „Microbiology of the terrestrial ‘plastisphere’ - enrichment and characterization of plastic-associated microbial communities“
10:52PICO] Leonie Pick: „Magnetic Field Characteristics Observed on the Ground Reliably Classify Historical Geomagnetic Storm Drivers“
11:00 12:00Postersession I (odd Poster Numbers)
13:45-14:00Announcement of the FameLab winners
14:00-14:35EGU talks II
14:00Cameron Spooner: „Mass distribution across the Alpine lithosphere -
Results from a gravity constrained model of the Alps and their forelands“
14:15Irina Zhelavskaya: „A combined neural network- and physics-based approach for modeling the plasmasphere dynamics during extreme geomagnetic events“
14:35-14:45Group photo
14:45-14:50Admission to the lecture hall (seats have to be taken by 14:50)
15:00-15:30Talks by Ministers
Greetings by Prof. Hüttl
Talk by Anja Karliczek (Federal Minister for Education and Research)
Talk by Martina Münch (Minister for Science, Research and Culture (Brandenburg))
16:15–16:23FameLab finalists presenting their talk
16:23–16:30FameLab Awards Ceremony
16:30–17:30Postersession II (even Poster Numbers)
17:30–18:00Invited talk by Martin Otto - Transfer/Innovation
18:00–18:15PhD Day Awards ceremony and closing remarks
Get together
from 18:15 Music, food, non-alcoholic drinks and beer


Your Contribution

Only your contributions make the PhD Day work! For this you may choose between these types of contributions (all explained in detail here)

  • PICO presentation (2 minutes talk in front of all & discussion during poster session)
  • EGU-Talk (12 minutes talk + 3 minutes discussion)
  • EGU-Poster (Landscape 197x100 cm)
  • A0-Poster (Portrait A0) 
  • FameLab talk


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