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Conference program

Sunday, 01.09.2019

From 15:00

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From 18:00

Buffet dinner

From 19:30

Welcome reception


Monday, 02.09.2019

Session 1: Fluid driven fractures and seismicity

(Chairs: Arno Zang and Grzegorz Kwiatek)


Keynote 1: Physical behavior of fluid driven earthquakes

(Marie Violay, Mateo Acosta, Chiara Cornelio, Carolina Giorgetti, Corentin Noel, Francois Passelegue, Alexandre Schubnel, Stefan Nielsen, Giulio Di Toro, Elena Spagnuolo)


S1.1: Laboratory Study of the Dynamics of Stick-Slip Sliding in Large Sandstone Block Induced by Fluid Injections

(Sergey Stanchits, Volker Oye, Nicholas Seprodi, Pierre Cerasi, Anna Stroisz, Robert Bauer)


S1.2: Impact of heterogeneity, anisotropy and discontinuities on hydraulic fracture propagation – a lab study

(Ferdinand Stoeckhert, Cedric Solibida, Michael Alber)


Coffee break


S1.3: Hydraulic fracturing process in granite under different fracturing regime

(Kwang Yeom Kim, Sung Gyu Jung, Hannes Hofmann, Günter Zimmermann, Ki-Bok Min)


S1.4: Fluid-driven tensile fracture and fracture toughness in Nash Point shale at elevated pressure

(Philip Benson, Stephan Gehne, Nathaniel Forbes-Inskip, Philip Meredith, Agust Gudmundsson, Nick Koor)


S1.5: In-situ synchrotron X-ray tomography of fluid injection experiments at elevated confining pressure

(Michael Chandler, Julian Mecklenburgh, Anne-Laure Fauchille, Roberto Rizzo, Lin Ma, Patrick Dowey, Steven May, Robert Atwood, Peter Lee, Ernest Rutter, Anna Bogush)


S1.6: Fault Reactivation for Permeability Enhancement and Associated Induced Seismicity in Crystalline Rocks

(Omid Moradian)


Lunch break

Session 2: Compaction and damage of porous rock I

(Chair: Elli-Maria Charalampidou)


Keynote 2: The physics behind sandstone reservoir compaction: the cause of induced seismicity in gas fields

(Suzanne Hangx)


S2.1: A Rock Mechanical Model for Overbalanced, Managed Pressure, and Underbalanced Drilling Applications

(Musaed N. J. AlAwad)


S2.2: Damage accumulation and wellbore stability

(Eyal Shalev, Vladimir Lyakhovsky, Gal Oren, Harel Levin, Stephen Bauer)


S2.3: High Pore Pressures: What Is Indicated by Vein-Filled Rock Masses?

(Gary D. Couples)


Poster session 1 & Coffee break


Departure to conference evening at historic "Winzerberg"


Tuesday, 03.09.2019

Session 3: Laboratory fracture and rock characterization studies

(Chairs: Sergey Stanchits and Philip Meredith)


Keynote 3: Fault structure, damage and induced microseismicity - what do we learn from the lab?

(Georg Dresen, Grzegorz Kwiatek, Thomas Goebel and Marco Bohnhoff)


S3.1: The permeability of fracture intersections in basalt

(Ashley Stanton-Yonge, Catalina Sanchez-Roa, Thomas Mitchell, Yoshitaka Nara, W. Ashley Griffith, Philip Meredith)


S3.2: The effect of temperature on physical and mechanical properties of carbonate rocks

(Federico Vagnon, Sergio Vinciguerra, Cesare Comina, Anna Maria Ferrero, Giuseppe Mandrone, Chiara Colombero, Patrick Baud, Luke Griffiths, Marco Ceia, Roseane Missagia)


S3.3: Petrographic Analysis and Geomechanical Characterization of the Late Cretaceous Naparima Hill Formation, Trinidad

(Uwaila Charles Iyare, Oshaine Omar Blake, Ryan Ramsook)


Coffee break


S3.4: Using Roughness and Fragmentation Fractal Dimensions of a Volcanic Bimrock in Estimation of its UCS

(Elif Avşar)


S3.5: Inversion of fracture properties – A Genetic FWI algorithm applied to inversion of fracture stiffness from seismic waves

(Antonio Fuggi, Mark Hildyard, Roger Clark, Andy Hooper, John Brittan)


S3.6: Characterization of mechanical anisotropy in clayey rocks by Digital Image Correlation

(Audrey Bonnelye, Hakim Gharbi, Alexandre Dimanov, Michel Bornert, Patrick Aimedieu, Andrew King, Nathalie Conil)


S3.7: Observations on fracture toughness of mode I and mixed mode (I+II) fractures from three-point bending tests at elevated confining pressures

(Hong-Wei Yang, Michael Krause, Jörg Renner)


Lunch break

Session 4: Poroelasticity and seismicity of reservoir rocks

(Chair: Sergio Vinciguerra)


Keynote 4: Poroelastic interaction and seismicity induced by fluid productions and injections

(Serge Shapiro)


S4.1: Undrained pore pressure changes in rocks surrounding a reservoir: From poroelastic theory to fault activation?

(Rune M. Holt, Marcin Duda, Audun Bakk, Jørn F. Stenebråten)


S4.2: The mechanical behaviour of porous synthetic rocks

(Lucille Carbillet, Michael J. Heap, Fabian B. Wadsworth, Patrick Baud)


S4.3: The acoustic signature of fluid substitution in reservoir rocks

(Christian David, Joël Sarout, Christophe Barnes, Jérémie Dautriat, Lucas Pimienta)


Poster session 2 & Coffee break

From 18:00

Buffet dinner


Wednesday, 04.09.2019

Session 5: Simulation of fractures and faults

(Chairs: Guido Blöcher and Marton Farkas)


Keynote 5: Simulation of hydraulic driven fractures, joints and faults

(Heinz Konietzky)


S5.1: Role of stress tensor rotation due to pore pressure stress coupling for induced seismic hazard in georeservoirs

(Tim Hake, Moritz Ziegler, Oliver Heidbach)


S5.2: Multiphysics of faulting: influence of porosity and damage evolutions on the deformation modes within the lithosphere

(Antoine B. Jacquey, Mauro Cacace)


S5.3: Modeling crack and compaction band propagation in porous rocks with a phase-field fracture model

(Ralf Denzer, Alex Spetz, Erika Tudisco, Ola Dahlblom)


Coffee break


S5.4: Combination of experimental data and numerical simulations to unravel weakening mechanism on gypsum

(Ricardo Tomás, Philip Benson, Giacomo Pozzi, John Wheeler, Nicola de Paola)


S5.5: Non-linear anisotropic damage rheology model: theory and experimental verification

(Ivan Panteleev, Vladimir Lyakhovsky, John Browning, Philip G. Meredith, David Healy, Tom M. Mitchell)


S5.6: Simplified seismic modelling of fractured rock - how effective is a locally effective medium (LEM) compared to explicit representation of individual fractures. 

(Emmanouil Parastatidis, Mark W. Hildyard, Andy Nowacki)


S5.7: On the seismic visibility and testability of fracture growth models

(Mark Hildyard, Emmanouil Parastatidis, Antonio Fuggi)


Lunch break


River cruise "7 Lakes"

From 18:00

Buffet dinner


Thursday, 05.09.2019

Session 6: Hydraulic, thermal and mechanical cyclic loading at multiple scales

(Chairs: Günter Zimmermann and Rune Holt)


Keynote 6: Cyclic hydraulic fracturing of granite: laboratory-scale proof of concept for the mitigation of induced seismicity

(Li Zhuang, Kwang Yeom Kim, Sung Gyu Jung, Melvin Diaz, Ki-Bok Min, Arno Zang, Ove Stephansson, Günter Zimmermann, Jeoung-Seok Yoon, Hannes Hofmann)


S6.1: Controlling fluid-injection-induced seismicity and permeability enhancement in granitic rock by fatigue hydraulic fracturing predicted from laboratory and in-situ experiments

(Arno Zang, Ove Stephansson, Günter Zimmermann, Hannes Hofmann, Kwang Yeom Kim, Jeoung Seok Yoon)


S6.2: Stimulation and fracture network creation in anisotropic rock

(C. Böse, G. Kwiatek, J. Starke, K. Plenkers, G. Dresen)


S6.3: Controlling Fluid-Induced Seismicity during a 6.1-km-Deep Geothermal Stimulation in Finland

(Grzegorz Kwiatek, Tero Saarno, Thomas Ader, Felix Bluemle, Marco Bohnhoff, Michael Chendorain, Georg Dresen, Pekka Heikkinen, Ilmo Kukkonen, Peter Leary, Maria Leonhardt, Peter Malin, Patricia Martínez-Garzón, Kevin Passmore, Paul Passmore, Sergio Valenzuela, Christopher Wollin)


Coffee break


S6.4: Slip and Instability Mechanisms of Coal-Rock Parting-Coal Structure (CRCS) Under Coupled Dynamic and Static Loading

(Cai-Ping Lu, Yang Liu, Heng Zhang)


S6.5: Structural analysis and effect of impurity content in Salt Rock deformation under Cyclic Thermo-Mechanical Loading Conditions

(Carla Martin-Clave, Audrey Ougier-Simonin, Alec M. Marshall, Veerle Vandeginste)


S6.6: Microstructural controls on thermal crack damage during temperature-cycling experiments on volcanic rocks

(Ali Daoud, John Browning, Philip Meredith, Thomas Mitchell)


S6.7: Localization of Shear in Water-Saturated Granular Media

(Stanislav Parez, Tereza Travnickova, Liran Goren, Einat Aharonov)


Lunch break

Session 7: Compaction and damage of porous rock II

(Chairs: Christian David and Carla Martin-Clave)


Keynote 7: Stress estimation and structural observations around a subduction fault

(Marianne Conin, Yohei Hamada, Gilles Guerin, Gregory Moore, Makoto Otsubo, Kohtaro Ujiie, Armin Dielforder, Christine Regalla, Barbara John, Dan Faulkner, Asuka Yamaguchi, Matt Ikari, Gaku Kimura, Hiroko Kitajima, Demian Saffer, Harold Tobin, Masataka Kinoshita, Lena Maeda, Sean Toczko, Nobu Eguchi, the IODP Expedition 358 Shipboard Scientific Party)


S7.1: New global correlations to assess depletion-induced compaction of progressively-buried sandstone

(Sander Hol, John W. Dudley, Arjan J. van der Linden)


S7.2: Localized versus distributed fracturing in the damage rheology model with evolving yield conditions

(Hannah Gajst, Eyal Shalev, Ram Weinberger, Shmuel Marco, Wenlu Zhu, Vladimir Lyakhovsky)


S7.3: Impact of water-weakening on mechanical strength of microporous carbonate rock: fluid substitution and ultrasonic monitoring of water-induced damage

(Davide Geremia, Christian David, Beatriz Menéndez, Christophe Barnes)


Coffee break


S7.4: Impact of shear-enhanced compaction bands on fluid flow via High-Speed Neutron Tomography

(Elli-Maria Charalampidou, Erika Tudisco, Maddi Etxegarai, Gary Couples, Nikolay Kardjilov, Stephen Hall)


S5.5: Synchrotron X-ray imaging in 4D: Multiscale failure and compaction localization in triaxially compressed porous limestone

(Patrick Baud, Lingcao Huang, Benoit Cordonnier, François Renard, Lin Liu, Teng-fong Wong)


S7.6: Fracture or Band? – A Potentially Common Transitional Type of Deformation and its Consequences for Fluid Movement through Fracture and Fault Systems

(Helen Lewis, Gary Couples, Jim Buckman)


S7.7: Full 3D investigation at microstructural scale of heterogeneous swelling strains and induced damage in anisotropic clayey rocks

(Michel Bornert, Hakim Gharbi, Andrew King, Audrey Bonnelye, Alexandre Dimanov, Patrick Aimedieu, Emmanuel Keita, Nathalie Conil)

From 18:00

Buffet dinner


Friday, 06.09.2019

Session 8: Hydraulic fracturing, hydromechanics and fracture permeability

(Chairs: Harald Milsch and Alireza Hassanzadegan)


Keynote 8: Key implementation aspects and results from the in-situ stimulation experiment at the Grimsel test site

(Florian Amann, Valentin Gischig, Joseph Doetsch, Reza Jalali, Hannes Krietsch, Linus Villiger, Nathan Dutler, Benoit Valley)


S8.1: On the anisotropy and nonlinearity of the Grimsel Granite

(Morteza Nejati, Martin O. Saar, Thomas Driesner)


S8.2: Hydraulic fracture growth in the heterogeneous strata of the upper carboniferous

(Cedric Solibida, Ferdinand Stöckhert, Lucas Witte, Michael Alber)


S8.3: Stress reorientation by earthquakes near Ganzi-Yushu strike slip fault and interpretation with discrete element modeling

(Zhandong Su, Jeoung Seok Yoon, Arno Zang)


Coffee break


S8.4: Laboratory experiments investigating the hydro-mechanical behaviour of rocks containing a single fracture

(Max Kewel, Jörg Renner, Alireza Hassanzadegan, Torsten Tischner)


S8.5: Hydraulic-mechanical characterisation of microfaults in granite – an experimental study

(Christian Kluge, Guido Blöcher, Auke Barnhoorn, David Bruhn)


S8.6: Thermo-Mechanical Investigations on the Self-propping Potential of Tensile Fractures in Sandstone

(Chaojie Cheng, Harald Milsch)


S8.7: How to publish Open Access in earth sciences

(Andreas Hübner, Britta Nölte)


Lunch break

From 14:00



Poster session 1 (Monday, 02.09.2019 15:40-17:00)

P1.1: Fracture aperture and flow evolution due to confined shear displacement using X-ray computerized tomography on crystalline and clay-rich rocks

(Quinn C. Wenning, Claudio Madonna, Takeshi Kurotori, Ronny Pini, Alba Zappone)

P1.2: Measurement of the thermal diffusivity for several types of rocks at high pressures and high temperatures using a pulse method

(Sheqiang Miao, Yongsheng Zhou)

P1.3: Compressive and tensile strength of Naparima Hill organic mudstone

(Oshaine Omar Blake, Uwaila Charles Iyare, Ryan Ramsook)

P1.4: Experimental study on the difference between gas and water permeability and the mechanism of permeability evolution in response to the presence of water in clay-rich fault and reservoir rocks

(Qingbao Duan, Jianye Chen, Xiaosong Yang)

P1.5: Relations between pore pressure and acoustic emissions in critically stressed wet sandstone

(Alexander Catalinac, David Dempsey, Michael Pender, Lei Wang, Grzegorz Kwiatek, Georg Dresen)

P1.6: Creep behavior of Bowland and Posidonia shale at In Situ pc, T conditions

(Johannes Herrmann, Erik Rybacki, Hiroki Sone, Georg Dresen)

P1.7: Numerical investigation of hydraulic stimulation and related induced seismicity in Pohang fractured geothermal reservoir, South Korea

(Márton Pál Farkas, Hannes Hofmann, Günter Zimmermann, Arno Zang, Falko Bethmann, Peter Meier)

P1.8: Laboratory experiments and discrete element method grain based models exploring the thermo-mechanical behaviour of intact sandstone and discontinuities

(James Woodman, Audrey Ougier-Simonin, Anastasios Stavrou, Ioannis Vazaios, William Murphy, Mark E. Thomas, Helen J. Reeves)

P1.9: Velocity anisotropy response to failure in travertine

(D. L. Drayton, Q. J. Fisher, E. A. H. Michie)

P1.10: Effective stress laws for permeability and deformation of clayey sandstones

(Fanbao Meng, Xingfu Li, Patrick Baud, Teng-fong Wong)

P1.11: A New Laboratory Method for Measuring Hydraulic Fracture Permeability at Reservoir Conditions

(Peter Ibemesi, Philip Benson, Nick Koor, Gareth Swift, Stephan Gehne)

P1.12: Rock and Geo-material Fracture toughness testing using a novel circular shape test specimen and under modes I, II and III loading

(M. R. M. Aliha, M. Ghahramani, F. Ataei dil, T. Sadowski, D. Pietras)

P1.13: Photogrammetry and Distinct Element modelling analysis of the morphological evolution of stream-channels and sinkholes at the Dead Sea

(Djamil Al-Halbouni, Eoghan P. Holohan, Robert A. Watson, Hussam Alrshdan, Ali Sawarieh, Torsten Dahm)



Poster session 2 (Tuesday, 03.09.2019 15:40-17:00)

P2.1: Time-dependent analyses of first motion derived focal mechanism solutions and machine learning algorithms in rock deformation laboratory experiments

(Thomas King, Sergio Vinciguerra, Philip Benson, Luca De Siena)

P2.2: Impact of partly sealed fractures on hydro-mechanical properties of a granite block

(Guido Blöcher, Christian Kluge, Mauro Cacace, Harald Milsch, Jean Schmittbuhl)

P2.3: Anisotropic poroelasticity and permeability under true triaxial stress conditions: measurements and modelling

(Bobby Elsigood, Tom Mitchell, David Healy, Philip Meredith)

P2.4: Hydro-fracturing experiments in highly porous and permeable sandstone

(Marco Fazio, Peter Ibemesi, Philip Benson, Martin Sauter)

P2.5: Evolution of elastic wave velocities and amplitudes during triaxial deformation of anisotropic Freiberg gneiss

(Bernard Adero, Jörg Renner)

P2.6: The application of pore pressure oscillation method to determine permeability and storage coefficient in a fractured rock

(Alireza Hassanzadegan, Max Kewel, Torsten Tischner, Jörg Renner)

P2.7: Comparisons between Brittleness index equations and their relationship with Fracture Toughness for a shale formation

(Andrea Peña, José María Segura, José Alvarellos, Jacobo Canal, Miguel A. Caja)

P2.8: Stress distribution along heterogeneous faults

(John Bedford, Daniel Faulkner)

P2.9: Mechanical compaction of Hollington Sandstone

(Buhari Ardo, Ernest Rutter, Julian Mecklenburgh)

P2.10: Numerical analyses of temperature controlled fault reactivation during diking

(Sergio Vinciguerra, Francesco Parisio, Thomas Negel)

P2.11: Impact of fluid-injection scheme on injectivity enhancement of granite by laboratory hydraulic fracturing under true triaxial stresses

(Li Zhuang, Sung Gyu Jung, Melvin Diaz, Kwang Yeom Kim, Hannes Hofmann, Ki-Bok Min, Arno Zang, Ove Stephansson, Günter Zimmermann, Jeoung-Seok Yoon)

P2.12: Fracture Permeability and Saturation Effects on Hydrothermally Altered Rocks from a Philippine Geothermal Field and Pre-Thermally Treated Cornish Granite

(David Carlo Austria, Philip Benson, Annette Goetz, Dean Bullen)

P2.13: How to publish Open Access in earth sciences

(Andreas Hübner, Britta Nölte)