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The deadline for submitting abstracts is May 13, 2022.
Presentation Type - Short Oral Presentation (2-3 min Pitch)
Your contribution to this year's PhD Day is 2-3 min science pitch of your research. We intentionally decided for a short presentation to emphasize the importance of the message over the quantity of your content. How you design your pitch is up to you.
You are welcome to use a PowerPoint with 1-2 slides, but it is also possible to use other tools like a flipchart. Unleash your creativity!

The goal of your pitch is to create a basic understanding of your topic and to arouse the interest of the participants for further questions and discussions.

Ideally your pitch contains the following information:

1. a brief introduction of yourself
2. The research question you are trying to answer and enough background information to understand the challenge at hand
3. Your plan to tackle this questions (e.g. methods, data, tools)
4. The 1-2 most important findings of your research (if already available)

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